Exciting news – more gifts with oodi!

Win with oodi is back, and it’s not just a comeback—it’s a colossal resurgence!

Buy a booster or add-on to get an instant prize and receive a ticket that will qualify you for the first draw for the chance to win.

But hold on, the excitement doesn’t end there. Your tickets will also qualify you for the big draw where the winner may win one of the following:

  • 2 Apple Watch
  • 3 EarPods

Each month for 2 months.

And here’s the secret to stacking the odds in your favor: the more boosters and add-ons you buy, the more Chances tickets you’ll receive (up to 20 tickets each month)

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Welcome to our exclusive "WIN with oodi " prizes!

Keep your app updated for all the cool oodi stuff!

Instant Gifts🎁

Minutes, GB, SMS- enjoy instant rewards with every scratch

Monthly Treats

2 Apple Watch 3 EarPods Each month for 2 months.

Monthly Treats🔥

How you can get the tickets? Every time you buy boosters and add-ons you will get a ticket for the big draw with awesome prizes!

Don’t miss out! Get a booster or add-on now!

Withdrawal Schedule

May 31, 2024
Jun 30, 2024
1st Draw
2 Apple Watch 3 EarPods
2nd Draw
2 Apple Watch 3 EarPods

WIN with oodi!
Buy a booster or add-ons, and you are in!

buy a booster

Step 1

Go to oodi app and access “Home screen.”
Select from there “Boost.” It’s straightforward.

Step 2

Once you buy the booster, a coin will pop up, and you must scratch it.

Step 3

You can immediately see your instant prize and your ticket for lottery participation.

Don't let this opportunity slip away; dive into the enchanting world of oodi by swiftly navigating to the oodi app. Your journey to triumph begins now—start winning with oodi!

  1. How can I play WIN with oodi?
    After buying a booster or add-ons, find Win with oodi on the oodi home page. Scratch your available scratch by clicking on the coin and redeem your prize.
  2. Which language can I play?
    oodi app supports three languages Arabic, English, and Kurdish. You can choose what you prefer to enjoy using the game.
  3. Should I pay something to play Win with oodi?
    Win with oodi is a service with no subscription required and is free. All you have to do is purchase any booster plan or add-on plan.
  4. Can you share some details about trails?
    – You can see the number of trials on the page of Win with oodi.
    – Where the trials are available, you can see a coin with gold color, and when you scratch it, you will start seeing a gift box showing the instant prize and transferring you to the “you won“ page to see the details the award.
    – When the trails are unavailable, the coin will be in grey with a “how to win “ option. Then will transfer you to the instructional page with all the “win with oodi” service details.
  5. What is the maximum number of scratches available per month?
    You are granted 20 attempts to scratch the game each month.

The organizer of the program: “oodi”, Zain Iraq,

Company name: Zain Iraq

Legal Address:  Bldg.27, st, Dist.915, Al-Jadriya, Baghdad-Iraq.

Location: Iraq

  1. Win with oodi Program is a Scratch & Win game that allow oodi customers, using the oodi App, to participate and win scratches.
  2. To join this program, each customer is required to download the oodi App, create their profile and can start playing.
  3. On the oodi home page, the banner to access Win with oodi program is only visible to customers who purchase a booster or an add-on.
  4. For each booster or add-on purchased a scratch is earned (up to 20 scratch) .
  5. User should find the scratches inside the Win with oodi landing page.
  6. Every scratch will have a validity of 3 days.
  7. Upon scratching, user will check what were the prizes won.
  1. All who reside in Iraq on a permanent basis, are at least 18 years of age and are oodi affiliates (either through prepaid services or a payment package), can use this programme. The participant shall be liable to oodi for all these uses.
  2. Anyone over the age of 18 (eighteen years old) is eligible to participate in Win with oodi.
  3. By participating in Win with oodi, the participant undertakes that all the information provided is correct, up-to-date and complete.
  1. Participants are assumed to have fully read and understood these terms and conditions.
  2. Once an oodi scratch is opened using the App, it indicates that a participant fully understands and accepts the terms of the program and agrees to:
    1. Receive notifications or text messages related to the Win with oodi program from oodi on his/her mobile phone(s).
  3. Receive text messages/promotions from oodi regarding its services or other companies right to modify or cancel the terms and conditions of this program at any time.
  4. This agreement remains fully in effect while oodi operates the program (considering temporary interruptions for any reason, such as repairs or scheduled maintenance and modernization).
  1. All information for oodi competition participants regarding the program should be posted on app T&C section.
  2. The date of the draws for each phase will be announced on oodi media channels and website.
  3. Once Win with oodi finishes, oodi will post a message about its completion on official channels.
  4. The interruption or early termination of Win with oodi by oodi does not exempt the organizer from its obligation to provide the final prize granted by interruption or termination, except in cases where Win with oodi is terminated or discontinued due to actions or events beyond oodi’s control.
  5. oodi does not have to engage in any written negotiations or contact participants in Win with oodi other than these terms and conditions or in accordance with the regulation requirements force in Iraq.
  1. Win with oodi offers a scratch (up to 20 scratch) for each mobile number that purchases a booster or an add-on on the oodi App, and the scratch cannot be transferred to any other mobile phone under the same account.
  2. oodi creates a record for participants for the entire duration of Win with oodi beginning at 00:00:01 on the first day of Find the Gift and ending at 23:59:59 on the last day of Find the Gift.
  3. Each scratch will be valid for a 3-day validity period as set out in the text message. If a user does not use it, the scratch will expire. Users will not be entitled to redeem a scratch after the expiration of the validity period.
  1. Win with oodi offers a ticket for each redeemed scratch (up to 20 scratch), one ticket is one chance to win the final draw.
  2. Tickets cannot be transferred to any other mobile phone under the same account.
  1. All oodi customers with valid numbers can participate.
  2. suspended numbers are not entitled to participate.
  3. Scratches cannot be transferred to any other mobile phone under the same account.
  4. Scratches validity dates will be noted on the SMS.
  5. The user must find the instant prize by clicking on the relevant spot in the oodi
  6. Users will not be entitled to use the scratch after the expiration of the validity period.
  7. The prize of each phase of the draw will be drawn randomly among all oodi customers who participated in the campaign.
  8. The winners will be contacted directly by oodi. Be careful of fraud on behalf of oodi. oodi is not responsible for all losses arising from fraud experienced by users.
  9. The gift tax is borne by oodi.
  10. oodi has the right to replace the prize with a similar product or the same value if the prize is not available.
  11. The final prizes on each phase will be drawn at random for all oodi subscribers participating in the competition, and the winner will be determined through the raffle.
  1. All instant prizes, except tickets for the final draw, must be activated in order to be enjoyed by the User.
  2. The list of instant prizes available in every scratch win is 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB, 20 MINS, 50 MINS, 100 MINS, 200 MINS, and 200 SMS.
  • The final prizes will be:
  • 2 Apple Watches
  • 3 AirPods

Each month for 2 months

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