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Discover how to get started, explore our exciting oodi features and services, learn about renewal incentives, and find out how to easily top up and renew your plan. Your journey with oodi starts here!🚀

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Getting Started!

Step 1
Dial *306# on your phone and press the call button. Your phone number should be displayed on the screen.
Step 2
Download oodi app!
Step 3
Press Login, Type your Email or number with password

Press the check box of "Remember me" to login easily for next times
In case you forgot your password, click on “Forgot password?

oodi Features and benefits!

Unlimited Calls to Your Favorite 5

From now on, you can talk to your friends and family for free if you subscribe to the High Five service.

Exchange Your Unused Minutes and Data

Starting now, you have the power to exchange your balance between minutes and data,

Win Gifts While Using oodi

Did you know that you can use oodi and win gifts at the same time? With Win with oodi, you have two exciting ways to win: Instant Prizes and Monthly Lottery

Subscribe to a 3-month bundle and get one month free

If you buy 3 months plan, you will pay only for 2. Meaning you pay for 2 and get 1 free.

Refer Friends and Earn 4000 IQD with oodi!

As an oodi customer, you have the opportunity to refer your friends and family and earn 4000 IQD!

Select Your Apps with oodi

Maximize your benefits without consuming your data. Select from a variety of apps in the Social, Play, and Streaming categories to enjoy them worry-free.

How to top up your oodi line?

It’s easy! You have three options.

Step 1

Log in to the oodi app now and select "Top up" from the Home page.

Step 2

Choose the "Voucher" option and enter your voucher PIN number.
It's that simple!

Step 3

Once you've entered your voucher PIN number, select "Use the voucher," then select “Pay with voucher”
and you're done!
Your line will be topped up in no time.

How to renew your oodi line?

It’s easy! You have two options.

Step 1

Login to the oodi app now!

Step 2

Choose to re-subscribe to this plan.

Step 3

Press "pay now".

Activate Your Free apps!

oodi customers

Step 1

Go to oodi app now and top up your line based on what you need.

Step 2

Choose a 15,000 IQD plan or above for essential apps without deduction from your data. Upgrade for more apps worry-free.

Step 3

Scroll down in oodi app, select the apps that you want to use without consuming from your data, then press "Redeem"

Go to oodi app!


oodi is a digital telecommunications and lifestyle service provider that was launched by Zain ( Atheer Iraq Telecom Limited) in May 2021 to better serve the needs of digital-savvy customers.
From start to finish, you can manage everything, and anything related to your account directly from the app. oodi’s service is very easy to get and easy to use. At oodi we’d like to give the choice back to you You never have to visit the store again. oodi has got you covered from A to Z. With more gifts. More rewards. More surprises!

Yes, we have different types of VIP numbers such as Gold, Silver and Bronze

The oodi mobile app is designed to simplify SIM card management and offer subscriptions. Here’s a brief overview of its key features:

  • Register and purchase a SIM card
  • Customize your number and plan
  • Manage your purchases

oodi operates on the 4G-LTE network of Zain Iraq. The network is always on, wherever you go.

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