Welcome to oodi's OSN+ Streaming Offer!

Are you ready to dive into a world of entertainment like never before? With oodi, you can now enjoy seamless online streaming with the OSN+ app through the internet. Get ready to indulge in your favorite series, the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Arabic movies, captivating children’s content, Disney+ originals, original OSN productions, as well as Hollywood hits, HBO, Paramount+, and so much more – all in one easy-to-use app.


From HBO, Paramount+, NBC/Universal, OSN Originals and more


Starting from 7850 IQD


New titles & new episodes every 24 hours


Cancel anytime

Monthly Subscription

Subscribe for the whole month at only 7850 IQD.

Getting started with oodi's OSN+ offer is a breeze.

and follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Choose the plan and enter the oodi number, then hit JOIN NOW.

Step 2

Enter the OTP that you received by SMS.

Step 3

Once subscribed, OSN will send your unique username and password.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

Subscribe to oodi's OSN+ streaming offer today, and let the entertainment begin!

How to Unsubscribe

We understand that sometimes plans change.

To cancel your OSN+ subscription

Simply send a text with the digit 0 to the number 4076

and your subscription will be deactivated.

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  1. What is oodi’s OSN+ Streaming Offer?
    oodi’s OSN+ Streaming Offer allows you to access a wide range of content, including your favorite series, Hollywood movies, Arabic films, children’s content, Disney+ originals, and much more, all through the OSN+ app via the internet.
  2. How do I subscribe to the OSN+ offer?
    To subscribe, follow these simple steps:
    – Click on this link: https://partner.osn.com/iq/zain.
    – Choose the plan.
    – Enter your oodi number for payment.
    – Confirm the OTP received to complete the subscription.
    – OSN will send your unique username and password to get started.
  3. How can I cancel my OSN+ subscription?
    To cancel your subscription, send a text with the digit “0” to 4076.
  4. What content is available on the OSN+ app?
    The OSN+ app offers a diverse array of content, including Hollywood hits, HBO shows, Paramount+, original OSN productions, Disney+ originals, Arabic movies, and more.
  5. How will I receive my OSN+ login credentials?
    After subscribing, OSN will send your username and password to your provided contact information.
  6. Is the service available on all devices?
    The OSN+ app is accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Make sure you have a compatible device and an internet connection to enjoy streaming.
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