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Explore our new long-term offers in the oodi app! Did you know that if you purchase plans for two months in advance, you get one month totally free? This means you pay for two months and get three months.

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Choose 4 Social & Play apps

Social & Play apps

3 Months price

15,000 IQD * 3

45,000 IQD

30,000 IQD

1 Month free





Choose 5 Social & Play apps

Social & Play apps

3 Months price

25,000 IQD * 3

75,000 IQD

50,000 IQD

1 Month free





Choose 5 Social & Play apps and 1 Streaming app

Social & Play apps
Streaming apps

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TikTok Now Comes with Free Data Access!

Unloaking Unlimited Streaming!

YouTube Now Offers Free Data Access!

3 Months price

30,000 IQD * 3

90,000 IQD

60,000 IQD

1 Month free

How to renew your oodi line?

Step 1

If your plan expires, click on "Choose another plan", and you'll be able to select this option to activate the plan.

Press on "Manage Next Month Plan" section within the app. If you currently have an active plan, you can choose to select another plan

Step 2

Select the option for a 3-month plan, Review the details of the selected plan to see how much you save by paying upfront.

Step 3

After exploring the 3-month plans and deciding on a plan, press the "Subscribe",

Go to oodi app!

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The 2+1 offer allows you to buy 2 months of plan and get 1 month free. This means you pay for two months and receive three months of service in total.

To take advantage of the offer, go to the “Choose the Plan” section in the oodi app. Instead of selecting a 1-month plan, check the 3-month offers to see the selection of 2+1 plans available.

You will get free data for apps like social media, gaming, streaming, and educational apps. For more details, click here.

You can see all 2+1 plans through the oodi app. Click here to view the available plans.

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