Streamlined account management!

Login, password reset, and email updates made effortless.

  • Can’t remember how to log in? We’re here to help!
  • Need access to your account? Let us assist you in retrieving it!
  • Forgot your oodi app password or email? No worries, we’ve got you covered!
  • Don’t stress over account issues – we have solutions for all this.

You can log in, update your account email, and reset your password with a few clicks!
See how in the steps below.

How to

Step 1

Go to the oodi app now. Choose a “Login” option from the home screen.

Step 2

Type your email or mobile number with your password.
It's easy right!

Step 3

Press the check box of "remember me" to log in easily next time.

Go to the oodi app now and get started!

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Learn more about your sign-in details.

What to do if I do not remember
my log-in password?

In case you forgot your password,

click on “Forgot password?” in our app

What to do if I do not remember
my log-in email?

If you forgot your email address,

contact us via our contact form in oodi Help Center

1. How can I know my oodi number?

Login to your oodi app; you will see the number on the home page upfront.


2. What to do if the app is stuck?

If your app is stuck, you can change the network and try again, or you can kill the app and open it again.


3. What to do if my log-in does not work?

If you can’t log in, no worries, we have your back! In case you forgot your password, just click on “Forgot password?” in our app. If you forgot your email address, contact us and we will help you log in!


4. Where can I view my usage?

It is the first thing you will see on your app home screen! But if you want to track all the details, check out our dedicated dashboards section! To access it, you can select the Dashboards menu, click on “View details” and select “Usage”. Now you have a clear view of your usage, and you can use it to optimise your experience on oodi!


5. What happens when my plan ends?

No worries about this! After the plan being expired, you can choose a new one directly from oodi app.


6. What is the validity period of my oodi line?

Your main oodi plan has a 30-day validity. Based on your choice, it will be renewed or expire after 30 days. You can change your plans for the next month whenever you want.

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