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You are reading possibly the least interesting content to be ever written by oodi. We have to tell you all this stuff, but we know most of us will not read the whole thing, we know we likely wouldn’t. So we wanted to create a brief summary for you.

We are oodi. The 1st Digital telecommunication product in Iraq and offers its services via an innovative application powered by Zain Iraq

So basically we have an app. You should download it. It’s designed so that you can change and personalize many things about the service you buy from us. The app is also the best way you can reach us.
We will follow all the laws and regulations of the Republic of Iraq. Let us assure you that these will be the baseline, we strive to be better.

We will always be open and transparent with you about what we offer and what we will ask in return.

Yes, we will send you messages and notifications every once in a while, but only to check up on you and to let you know about offers and services we think you may like. You can always tell us to stop and we will as soon as possible.

We do have special considerations about specific things like having your sim delivered, topping up your account etc. Don’t worry, we will inform you about what they are when the time comes, but you can also read them below.

Wow, you have come this far. Fantastic, surprising. Respect! The rest is more legal talk. We tried to organize it for easier navigation and reading.

I. Definitions

  • The Company: Atheer Telecom Iraq. Limited (Zain-Iraq) which is a licensed company to operate in Iraq to provide its subscribers with mobile telecommunications services.
  • The Product: oodi is a product offering new pre-paid services and managed by theCompany
  • TheSubscriber: The person who requests to subscribe in the offer and who has accepted the terms and conditions of the contract shown below.
  • The App: The oodi mobile applications available for download for Android and iOS devices
  • The Website: The oodi website hosted at oodi.iq

II. Service And Its Conditions

  1. The company will exert its best effort to deliver to the subscriber in accordance with effective laws and regulations in the Republic of Iraq
  2. Due to the nature of the services provided to the subscriber, the subscriber should be aware that the service provided by the company may differ from time to time and may be hindered by the climatic conditions and any other circumstances beyond its control.
  3. This service is provided to the subscriber personally and cannot be transferred to others through leasing, selling or waiver without the prior written consent of the company.
  4. The company can deny starting a new subscription to the offer to an individual if the customer doesn’t meet legal email requirements.
  5. The company, for security and safety reasons or due to its licensed conditions, may with the prior notice suspend any of the services granted to the subscriber or ask him/her not to use the service temporarily.
  6. The subscriber undertakes not to use the service for purposes that violate the public security and safety or in a way that violates the applicable laws and regulations, and thus the company does not bear the responsibility for any recording or contract or any unlicensed act that would violate these laws.
  7. The company is not responsible for refunding any amounts against the unused credits or allowances in any case whatsoever.
  8. The company is not responsible for the inability of the subscriber to benefit from the service due to not following the instructions listed anywhere on the cards, app, website or other documents which contain instructions about the offer.
  9. The entries and records of the company are considered conclusive and final evidence to calculate the units consumed by the subscriber.
  10. The company may suspend or cut the service temporarily if it was informed on the loss, robbery or destruction of the simcard. The service will be stopped temporarily until a request to issue a new simcard is submitted.
  11. The company may suspend or cut the service upon court, CMC or NS requested
  12. The company has the right to cancel the contract at any time in any of the following cases:
    • If it became clear to the company that any of the information submitted by the subscriber is incorrect. The company, in this case, has the right to cancel the contract without notifying the subscriber.
    • When the subscriber violates any of the terms of the subscription contract which includes but is not limited to the attempt to use the card fraudulently or attempting to avoid recharging it. The company, in this case, has the right to cancel this contract without notifying the subscriber.
  13. It is agreed upon that the company will not be accountable due to force majeure or for any reason beyond its control that includes but is not limited to earthquakes, floods, fire, riots, embargo and withdrawing the license or any act or interference by the government.
  14. The subscriber will abide by the value of the tariffs determined by the company as well as the value and denomination declared.
  15. The company has the right to not offer all additional services the subscriber comes to expect from previous experience, such as but not limited to premium SMS services, VAS services, MMS, USSD, Voicemail, Block-Line, Missed Call Alert and video calling.
  16. The company is entitled to make adjustments in the operating system or the composition or numbering of any other systems according to the technical reasons it deems appropriate and in case of changing the number of the subscriber. The company in this case is obliged to give the subscriber no less than thirty days notice before changing the number and the new number applies after this period.
  17. The company does not bear any responsibility for damages afflicting the subscriber and it will not be responsible for any damages which the subscriber causes to others as a result of the service provided.
  18. This contract will be canceled automatically in case of termination or expiry of the license agreement of the company for establishing and operating the telecommunication services in Iraq.
  19. This contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the applicable and effective laws of the government of the Republic of Iraq and any subsequent amendments therein.
  20. Any dispute arising from this contract shall fall within the jurisdiction of the competent Iraqi Courts.

III. Usage Of Services

  1. The subscribers are not offered local data on paygo basis (only through a voice and data bundle)
  2. The subscribers can only be able to use their line with a valid and active monthly data and voice plan.
  3. In cases that monthly plan is not valid or active but there is no other specific barring conditions in effect, receiving calls and sms will be available, but no outgoing traffic will be allowed.
  4. The subscriber cannot use their credit balance to make calls or send SMS if a daily, weekly or monthly plan in not valid or active.
  5. The credit balance of lines will be carried over to the product however will not carry over any of their unused voice, data, SMS etc. allowances.
  6. Existing subscribers from other Zain Iraq products can transfer their lines to this  product if they meet the requirements.
  7. The company has the right to refuse transfer to this product, if they match any of the criteria below:
    ·      Lines with less than 2 months of tenure
    ·      Lines with negative balance and extra credit
    ·      Lines which are not in active or incoming only status

IV. Delivery

  1. The sim card required to start using the offer can be delivered to the subscribers’ location using the delivery option, given that the subscriber’s location is in the delivery area.
  2. Orders of prospective subscribers who register and pay on the app, but don’t make themselves available for delivery within 1 month, will be cancelled with no refunds.

V. Customer Support

Subscriber can reach support through the following channels:

  1. Using our support page on our app or at oodi.iq ,
  2. Submitting a request by filling out a support ticket straight from our app or from support.oodi.iq
  3. Sending us an email at [email protected]
  4. Calling 345 or +964 7834 000 345 from any line
  5. Approaching the customer representatives at any of our kiosks,
  6. Sending us a message to our social media accounts,

VI. Other Terms

  1. Users of the product can use their invite codes to invite other people to the product.In cases that the invited people become subscribers and other conditions are met, both subscribers can be eligible to reward.
  2. Users of the product can transfer and receive data allowances and account credit to and from other users of the product if the specific requirements are met.
  3. Data and credit transfers are only allowed between users of the product
  4. Users of product can use recharge cards to top-up their lines and/or to add credit to their accounts.
  5. The company has the right to automatically charge the subscriber’s credit or debit card in records for the purpose of auto renewal of a plan, if the subscriber has already made the selection to auto renew.
  6. If there are no chargeable activities performed by the subscriber for 270 days, the account will be de-activated and the phone number of the subscriber will be recycled.

VII. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is developed to safeguard your privacy and interests. This policy is formulated to give you better understanding of the information collected when you visit our website and use our app and how your personal information is kept and processed by us.

Any personal information from your phone and/or computer will be collected voluntarily.

1. Links

Our website and app may contain links to other websites. The company will not be responsible for contents of other websites including their data collection practices and privacy policies.

2. Contents

All contents published on our app and website reflect the latest available information. There is a possibility that some of the content may be outdated and this is not due to negligence but is out of our control. Only formal documents are official and reflect all current changes. The company is not to be held liable in respect to the content on this site if used in sole discretion. The company has full rights to change content without prior notice.

3. Surveys

As with any regular survey, our online web surveys are there to help gathering specific information regarding web site issues. This is to enhance the quality of service, which eventually will be reflected positively for the subscribers, given that the provision of their name and other details is totally optional.

4. Expediting a requested transaction

Necessary Information required from you will be submitted to us without any obligation. This information will help in better processing of your requests where applicable. The information you provide will never be sold to any third party for their own marketing purposes without your express permission in writing unless it is used on an aggregated basis for statistical and research purpose without any information which can be used to identify you.

5. Non-Disclosure of customer’s Information

Due to the mutual trust with our customers, the company will maintain at all times the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information collected. Such information may only be disclosed when required by law or when we believe that such action is necessary or desirable to comply with the law, protect or defend the rights or property of the company, this site or its users.

6. Contact for Questions and Comments

All Information provided to the company will be treated as confidential. Online forms requesting information will help us in providing you with enhanced quality of customer care. Such information will be used to respond to your questions, comments, or requests by either the company or any of its business divisions and subsidiary companies only.

7. Updating Privacy Policy

With the swift and fast developing services, the company reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions when necessary.

8. Data Deletion Request

You can have your data deleted from our system by submitting a written request to our support team. For more information on the process, click here.

VIII. Copyright Policy

The contents of the app and website on the local or international networks whether present or future including the domains, texts, trade names and marks, shapes and drawings are reserved intellectual properties under local (in the State of Iraq) and international legal protection. It is prohibited to transcribe copy or publish them in whole or in part except under theCompany’s permission. Any person or entity infringes this provision shall be liable to local and/or international legal accountability, as the case may be.

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